Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Told You So

Ok, I admit, that's really a message for Michael Hicks, but  news out of Leicester today indicates that the DNA recovered from Skeleton 1 proves that the remains located under the car park were those of Richard III. You read it here first, though:


There is other, more interesting news, though, concerning the Y chromosome that is passed through the male line. Apparently, there the connection between Richard III and those descendants of Edward III who were previously identified as Plantagents has been broken by one or more instances of "non-paternity."

It will take some time to sort through all of this, but I do intend to write about this too within the next few days.

But oh, how I love being able to say 'I TOLD YOU SO!"

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  1. He's still wittering, though...even though TWO independent geneticists are now convinced and happy with the findings and the probability has gone up to over 99.9%. Geeze! No pleasing some people!