Sunday, June 14, 2015

Richard's Hair Color

Ever since the research conducted on Richard III's DNA revealed that he had blond hair that darkened as he aged, people have troubled & argued over what his hair looked like exactly. According to Dr. Turi King, who conducted the research, the painting that comes the closest to what she believes Richard's hair color to have been is the portrait owned by the Society of Antiquaries.


The owners of the facial reconstruction went a bit further, & turned the reconstruction into a medieval version of a Ken doll: 
credit: Me

It doesn't look that bad up close, but under TV lights, no.

Reaction to Richard's new wig was not positive, to say the least. I've heard that they are going to change the hair color yet again, & hopefully this time it will be closer to the correct shade.

In the meantime, if you want to get an idea of what Richard's hair color most likely was, you need look no further than Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.  Here is a photo of Prince William and his son, Prince George, taken this weekend after the Trooping of the Colour:
Credit: AP/Tim Ireland

For further comparison, here is the photograph released by Kensington Palace on their Twitter account, with side-by-side photographs:

It's a little ironic that you can illustrate what Richard's hair color might have been by using examples from the current Royal Family, I think. But this photo collage is an excellent example of how someone's blond hair can darken as they age.

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