Saturday, February 13, 2016

Royal Footie Fan

Hello, yeah, it's been a while. Not much, how 'bout you?

I've been dealing with quite a few issues since last I posted an entry on my blog, not the least of which was a group of trolls from an allegedly "friendly" group. But it seems they've finally grown up moved on, so I'm venturing back slowly to actually enjoying the subject of Richard III.  

I do have other topics for this blog in mind, but I'm still sorting those out and getting the posts in order, so for now, I'll just point out that the Leicester Football Club seems to be having an amazing season since Richard's reinterment in Leicester Cathedral. Since my interest in sports fades if neither the Seahawks or Spurs are playing, I'll just leave this entry with the following picture. 

Richard III a footie fan? Who knew? Guess he likes Leicester after all. 

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