Monday, June 16, 2014

Richard III's Tomb Design: Hit? Miss? I Don't Know.

Today, the plans for Richard III's tomb design were released to the general public. I am not sure what to make of them. My first reaction was "Oh hell, no" but throughout the day, I've gone back to the designs & looked at them further & have found they are growing on me.

You can see them here:

I do like the black plinth. It makes the tomb (which will be white) stand out from its surroundings, instead of blending in. It will also help the white roses brought by Ricardians in tribute stand out as well.

While I'm not wild about the sole decoration on the tomb (a deeply-incised cross), I understand the symbolism behind it. Richard, after all, is being buried in a Christian church. He was a Christian himself, a devout one.

I admit also that I do not care for OTT memorials, all gaudy & showy (think Albert Memorial--omg poor Prince Albert!). There is need for something quiet, too.

I keep thinking of the initial reactions to the Vietnam Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C. When the design was first announced, it was widely panned, but after it was completed & people got to see it first hand, it turned into one of the most popular & moving memorials constructed. I have a feeling that opinions about Richard III's tomb design will go through a similar metamorphosis.

I hope they announce the dates of the ceremony soon, as I really want to go to Leicester & be there when history happens there. Again.

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