Thursday, July 31, 2014

Holding on for a Hero (or a Leader)

Just a short note to express just how damn frustrated I am that the Ricardian leadership has yet to say anything about the controversy stirred up by the Pro Yorkist zealots & two of the main people involved in the search & discovery of Richard III's remains.

Not even the fact that this has hit the major media has gotten them to crack their jaws open. What the hell is going on?

If the Ricardian leadership is appalled at the coordinated, premeditated online abuse suffered by the much-anticipated King Richard III Visitor Centre, the longer this turmoil continues without comment from them, the further their own reputations sink.  The longer it takes them to say something, the more people will begin to think they condone it.

None of the leadership made a public appearance at the opening of the Visitor Centre last Saturday, & two of the main people involved were caught red-handed conspiring with the zealots to give the Centre false negative reviews.

The one occasion when leadership could have done the most to heal the rift & end the nonsense & not only were they silent, a couple of them added to the controversy!! (Were they members of the Stanley family in a past life? I'm beginning to wonder.)

It is beyond me just how these people could have let this opportunity get away from them!

Just when is someone going to stand up & say something to put an end to this nonsense? What are they afraid of? A few internet trolls? That some people will unfriend them on Facebook & say mean things about them on Twitter? Post fake reviews of their books on Amazon?

It's got to stop, and we're looking at you, leaders, to stop it, because that's what leaders do. If you're not willing to take a stand, then the time has come to step aside & let others take your place.


  1. Thank you for your continued insight and support for our beloved Richard!!

  2. Thanks, Barbara. This hostility has got to stop!