Friday, August 18, 2017

For the Net is Dark & Full of Spoilers

But not here. There are *no spoilers* in what I post, only my speculations based on what I've read in the books & seen on the shows. 

Here is something that I have been ruminating on for a while: Now that Drogon knows Jon is a Targaryen, do the dragons follow him north & show up at the last moment, like Dragons Ex Machina to save him from the Night's King?  We know they fly around unsupervised for days or months at a time, but show up when Dany is in danger. It would make sense if they somehow "knew" Jon was also in danger.

Am I the only person who thinks that Winterfell servant girl is not long for the world, now that Arya has seen her feeding information to Littlefinger? I hope Bran stops her before she does something stupid like killing Sansa just when she's become interesting.

Oh poor Sam! Giving up his dream job because the Maesters are basically mansplaining the whole Night King & telling him he's nuts. His last look at the library in the Citadel was a really good "Library at Alexandria" moment.

So what happens to Sam now? I'm still thinking that the whole series is really Sam's version of events. You can go through the whole series & tie them all to someone who met Sam along the way, even those who died without ever meeting him. Someone was around who will tell Sam at some point. But now he & Gilly & Baby Sam (shouldn't that kid be a lot older, btw?) are off to parts unknown--are they going to the Wall? Will they be stopped by the Lannister army or the Dothraki? Are they headed to Sam's home or to Winterfell?

I certainly hope he picked up the right books to take with him, though.

I am also suspecting that they will rediscover how to forge Valerian steel--it may call for a combination of metal, dragon glass, & dragon blood, either from the dragons themselves or the Targaryens.  Not a lot, mind you.  It doesn't take much blood for Dondarian to light up his sword--could it be that all Valerian blades were meant to light up like that?--so it wouldn't take much to add to the mix.

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