Sunday, August 13, 2017

Game of Thrones Musings

I make no apologies for being a huge fan of "Game of Thrones."  Unlike many book readers, I am enjoying what the TV series has done with the plot lines.  I found the most recent books to be in need of editing--too many new characters have been introduced, only to be killed off pages later, the already-established plot lines continue to be dragged out (Dany continually going in the wrong damn direction, for example), and too much space devoted to descriptions of food & world-building. Enough!

I am "Ride or Die" House Stark. Even in the dark days after the Red Wedding, when Starks were dying off at an alarming rate, I still remained true to my House. Others may have drifted off to House Targaryen or House Lannister or even House Bolton, but not me! I know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark!

So now we're half-way into the penultimate season. We're all eagerly awaiting Bran revealing Jon's true parentage to him (FINALLY) & the repercussions from that disclosure. Does he, as a Targaryen, remain King in the North or do the Northern lords switch allegiances to Sansa? (We all know Bran has repeatedly refused to be called "Lord Stark.")  What happens when he reunites with Arya, the sister who is most like his mother, Lyanna? What happens to the upcoming alliance with Dany, his aunt? 

And what about Episode 4? After 7 years, it was about damn time we started seeing stuff lit up! We've heard for years about how terrifying the Dothraki are, how terrifying dragons in battle are--WE FINALLY GOT TO SEE IT & IT WAS AWESOME! I almost (almost) forgive the production team for spending the CGI budget on the dragons at the expense of the dyrewolves, but really, throw us a bone, dammit, & let us see Ghost this season at least once & not because he dies. Please. I don't care how many humans get lit up like torches, just don't touch the dyrewolves. kthanxbi

Let me just say that so far this season, I have enjoyed each show. The cold opening in Episode 1? OMG, I knew it was Arya 2 seconds in, I knew what she was going to do & I did not care! That retribution has been a season too long in coming, so it was delicious to watch over & over & over. 

Which makes me wonder, who controls the Twins now? Perhaps the Tullys? That would be poetic justice, even if Catlyn's brother Edmure is completely worthless.  

I'm not sure how deep they are going to go into the Lyanna/Rhaegar storyline from the books, but there has already been mention (at least one time this season) of the tournament where they met.  I find it interesting that Varys & anyone else who knew Rhaegar's face has not commented on how much Jon looks like him---folks, Ned Stark was a lousy liar with a bullshit cover story & even a reputation for being "honorable" isn't enough to overcome just how ludicrous that story was. Ned didn't just show up to Winterfell with a baby in his arms, he was bringing with him his sister's body. Everyone knew she was betrothed to Robert Baratheon (unwillingly), & was supposedly "kidnapped & raped" by Rhaegar.  Ned goes off to find her, & comes home with a baby & her body. It kills me that only smug Littlefinger seems to have figured it out (see his scene in the crypt with Sansa from Season 6), but his partner-in-crime Varys hasn't said squat.  For further evidence that Jon is a dead ringer for Rhaegar is the fact that when Robert came to Winterfell, they essentially hid Jon away & did not let him attend any festivities where he could be seen. WHY? Because he looks like his father, Rhaegar!

By the same token, Jon cannot be a Baratheon. Lyanna was Robert's betrothed, he loved her (actually I think he just idolized & romanticized her memory as the years went by) & he wasn't married to Cersei at the time. Here comes his best friend in the whole world with good news & bad news & not only does Westeros have a new king, it has a new heir. There would be no need to hide Jon from Robert if Robert was his father. The only reason to hide Jon is that Rhaegar was.

More clues to Jon being a Targaryen: The Tower of Joy was guarded by Kingsguard. Since when do they guard bastards? IJS

We're just a couple of hours away from the next episode. Feel free to join in with any of your pet theories & we'll see which ones pan out as the series unfolds. 

Winter Is Here.

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