Monday, August 14, 2017

The Three Heads of the Dragon

OMG, I just figured out WHO the three heads of the Dragon are, and they are NOT Dany, Jon, & Tyrion!!

Let's face it: there isn't much time left in the entire series to flesh out the whole "Tyrion the Targaryen" storyline (they haven't even done the full reveal of Jon Targaryen yet), so who are the three heads of the dragon?

Dany, Daughter of the Mad King & his wife
Jon, Son of Rhaegar Targaryen, Crown Prince, & his 2nd wife, Lyanna Stark
Gendry, Son of Robert Baratheon aaaaannnnnnnddddddddd

Think about it, folks! Way back in Season 1, Cersei nattered on to Catlyn about her & Robert's little black-haired son, their first-born who supposedly died. 

BUT: What if he didn't die, after all? In a plot line as old as Sophocles, the son that was supposed to die, didn't & has been brought back to the story just in time--that's right, everyone's favorite smithy: Gendry!  His father is already established as Robert Baratheon, there are now no more Baratheons left. Add to this he is about Jon's & Dany's age, perhaps a bit younger.  Lest you think "Well, how can he be a dragon, he's not a Targaryen"--Hold the phone, HE IS! His great-grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen!  All of this is already established in the TV series, or can easily be added, since Robert's family tree is part of the books.

The Dragon Has Three Heads:  Dany, Jon, & Gendry.

Update: I'm not the first one to figure this out, but it did dawn on me while I was thinking about what to write today.  I also think that "Three Heads of the Dragon" does not refer to "Three Dragon Riders." Time will tell how this all plays out.

Now wouldn't it be sweet if "valonqar" also has been mis-translated & can also mean "child?" So Cersei will be strangled not by Tyrion or Jaime or even Arya, but Gendry.

Despite Internet articles to the contrary, the only person who missed Gilly's wonderful throwaway line about Rhaegar & his second wife was Sam. I sure hope she brought that book with her. I suspect that information is going to come in handy soon. That giant sucking sound you heard at about 50 minutes' in was the millions of fans gasping & then shouting for joy at that little tidbit of information, coming on the heels of Drogon recognizing Jon as a Targaryen (not that he or Dany realize the significance of that yet. OMG, now Gendry has to meet a dragon!!!)

But, it will be just my luck that Gendry bites it in S7E6. That's the way the Game of Thrones goes, sometimes. But I sincerely hope not.

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