Saturday, August 26, 2017

Weasel Words

I have a strong suspicion that our favorite weasel isn't long for this world. Part of me is hoping that Arya figures out how to use Sansa's face & tricks Littlefinger into thinking she's Sansa, then offs him with his own dagger before donning his face.  What better way to secure the loyalty of the Knights of the Vale to Jon? However they kill him, if they do, I hope it's a really gruesome one right up there with what happened to Joffrey. Some people are speculating that he's already dead, but that would be bad writing---people have loved to hate this slimy bastard for years, so they want to see him die on screen.

I've been re-watching Season 1 because, well, there's only so much Hurricane Harvey coverage I can handle, and I about fell off my couch at a throwaway line they gave to LF!! Literally, blink & you miss it, but it tells you so much about him & how he's played the Stark family (& everyone else, btw) this whole time.  In the scene where Ned goes to LF's brothel to find Cat, Ned grabs LF by the throat & threatens him, much like Jon did before he left for Dragonstone. In S7, LF merely smirks & you simply think "well, that's LF trolling Jon." BUT it's what he says immediately after Ned lets him go & runs off to Cat that lets you know what he's thinking "Stark men-quick of temper, slow of thought."

But, unfortunately for LF, he's not dealing with Jon as a Stark, because Jon is a Targaryen, and Bran is, to quote Lesley Jones, high & can barely remember what it was like to be a Stark. (Bran is definitely not quick of temper or slow of thought, although he could start dropping dimes.)

Sidebar: A big FU to Cat Stark for telling Ned to trust LF because "he's like a brother to me." I knew there was a reason I've never liked her character & this one line sealed it for me. She acts all high & mighty about Ned's "bastard" child, when in fact she & Ned *barely* knew each other when they were married---she had been meant to marry his brother Brandon, after all---so there's no reason for her to get (& stay) all snippy to Jon, other than to be petty & cruel.

For all LF's smirking at Sansa about Lyanna being kidnapped & raped, he STILL hasn't put 2 & 2 together on Jon Snow. The only reason I want him to hang around now is to learn just how badly he was played by Ned Stark, who hid the true king of Westeros under everyone's nose with a bullshit cover story THAT NO ONE QUESTIONED. EVER.  They never stop & think "hey, he came back with his sister's body & a baby & we know she was raped by Rhaegar a year ago & this kid is 3 months old...."  So much for this "imagine every possibility" bullshit...I'd love to see that smile wiped off his smug face when he realizes he's been played by people he thinks are beneath him, but I feel his time with us has reached its end & we'll have to make do with him realizing he's been done in by his beloved Catlyn's daughters.

Rewatching S1 with this in mind puts a whole new spin on Ned Stark's actions & motivations, especially his resignation as Hand of the King.

I would love LF to find out he wasn't as smart as he thought he was all this time, & was only surviving because there were bigger targets to take out. Now those targets are gone & it's his turn in the barrel. I don't think he quite realizes this, despite almost all of his machinations since the Battle of the Bastards never quite panning out. He's failed to see that women are emerging as acceptable leaders (he still sees himself as King, not Sansa as Queen for example. He only needs her for the support from the Northern Lords).

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